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Player Safety


Player Safety is a Referee Responsibility - there was an on field injury in Truro this past week, which as a result of actions by the Referee and Coach, a player did not lose her eye.

Last week at a U16T2G match in Highlalnd Region there was an incident of which you all need to be aware. A defender was struck flush on the eye with a ball that was directly kicked hard, perhaps four to six feet in distance. We’ve all seen this a hundred times with little or no consequence. But due to the CSA’s wise directive to treat all of these ‘head shots’ seriously, play was immediately stopped and a team official called onto the field.

The player was examined and removed, replaced with a substitute and play resumed. The team official stayed with the player and encouraged her to be calm and relax as much as possible, but when the player stated she was having trouble seeing with that eye she was immediately taken to the hospital, then rushed to Halifax, where she was treated. The team official was told by the Truro hospital that due to her quick action, the player was not going to lose her eye, otherwise she would have!

There seems to be ever-increasing risk of injury in our sport. Quick and decisive action by the Referee and Coach saved this girl’s eye.  Tou are responsible to take appropriate and decisive action whenever needed.

Remember, we are responsible for everyone and everything at the field. It’s a big responsibility, one we need to take seriously, as situations demand.

Thanks to Peter Steele, Chair of the Highland Referee Committee for forwarding this story.


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